Eurocom closure

I arrived at work at around 10am on the 23rd November, still jet-lagged from our holiday (where we were somewhat reckless with our expenditure, feeling safe at the time that I’d be able to cover all incidental fees that come up with November’s wages). I expected to be almost overwhelmed with news and e-mails, but instead found myself overwhelmed by the solemnity of the situation at Eurocom – things had not progressed while I had been away. Despite all of the talk of exciting pitches that had been submitted, there was no new project. Within 10 minutes of my arrival, the majority of the company had been asked to head to a nearby hotel – everyone saw between the lines, despite not wanting to believe it was happening, and started collecting their possessions.

That day, which was supposed to be an uneventful Friday spent catching up on e-mail and easing myself back in to ‘work mode’ quickly became the worst day of the year; although perhaps a defining one for my career. As every seat in the hotel’s conference room quickly filled with people; very talented people I’d become acquainted with over the last 18 months, we spoke amongst ourselves until the Directors were ready to give their speech. A flood of emotions swept across the room. There were so many normally-optimistic people that were suddenly full of grief, and all of the fear-monger’s predictions were suddenly the reality of what was happening to us. It was the same kind of grief as when something special dies, which is what had happened that week. GoldenEye Reloaded, 007 Legends dev Eurocom hit by job losses

The Directors have been quite supportive since, and clearly genuinely wanted any other outcome than this.

I knew my situation doesn’t compare to some people, who had just bought a house or now need to leave the country due to their visas expiring. But I am wondering what I’m going to do about Christmas, my upcoming bills, living costs, my MOT… Hopefully it won’t be long until I find a new position – wish me luck. Eurocom makes remaining staff redundant, ceases trading

What killed Eurocom? I think it was mostly bad luck. I applied to work at the company to enjoy stability, but sadly that didn’t last. I think there perhaps was a big shift with Publisher focus and strategy, for all major Publishers, combined with many other factors. A certain ‘eggs in one basket’ idiom comes to mind, and 007 Legends certainly wasn’t the most popular or successful release of the year.

In all honesty, it is a little cringe-worthy that every article referring to Eurocom being in the process of closing its doors seems to have a screenshot or at least a dominant mention of 007 Legends, when the company should be famous for so much more.

~ by Richard on 7 December, 2012.

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