GGJ – 48 hours of game development

48 hours, 44 countries, 170 locations, 6500 participants, almost 1500 games, one weekend, one theme

It actually turned out to be 46 hours, which may not seem like much of a difference, but we felt it at the end.

Since my last entry, Chris had designed our animated meteorites; Emma made the graphics for the GUI, cursors and icons, and replaced some of my placeholder graphics, and Ian did several more character animations. I put the menus together, and Chris and I designed the levels.

With just two hours to go, we realised, for some unknown reason, that our XNA game wouldn’t install properly on other PCs, so our playtesting was delayed and completely minimised. We were all tired – our poor overworked coder (many of the teams had more than one – all of our game code rested on an individual) seemed completely drained.

Tons of assets (art, pitfalls, animation, music, alternative scenarios) and features would never make it into the released game, but the most important thing to me was (and still is) that we had made an actual game. “The Extravagant Outgoings of the very nearly extinct Cubist Dinosaur” was now ready for anyone around the world to download. And it is a playable, enjoyable, challenging game. A game we had developed, with assets that we’d made, all in just two (solid) days. Something, which if polished (and made completely functional), you might be able to release on XBLA, Steam or PSN.

You can play it on your PC after downloading it here. Please carefully read my installation instructions, as it’s not as straight-forward as it should be. It works best with a 360 controller.

~ by Richard on 1 February, 2011.

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