Graphics Cards

As a PC gamer, amongst many other gaming-related hobbies, my GPU is something that frequently comes up in conversation with fellow tech/gadget geeks.

While the battle is certainly still on between Nvidia and ATI – after a long list of Nvidia cards which kept me entertained over the years, there was a certain incident (it only takes one, when dealing with this kind of expense) where a friend bought an Nvidia which held terrible (non-)performance with awful stability, for a modern game we both wanted, from a reputable Publisher. This was the turning point, where we’d both start spending less money per card on a less familiar brand (maybe “less familiar” wasn’t true; just less… trusted), and it would seem I haven’t looked back.

It has since become very clear that I’ll be sticking with ATIs, and I’m still very happy with my ATI Radeon HD 4870. Despite my complete lack of comprehension of the illogical names and numbers on the devices, I’ve been looking today at the 5870, starting at £270. The Nvidia equivalent, the 480, starts at £357. Perhaps it will be a little while longer until I upgrade after all, but it’s clear which manufacturer I’ll be sticking with!

Now, do I trust Steam to update the drivers?…

~ by Richard on 30 October, 2010.

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